Publications & Projects.

This page features a selection of publications and projects.


Distance Matters Image

A "Distance Matters" Paradox: Facilitating Intra-Team Collaboration Can Harm Inter-Team Collaboration

CSCW 2022
Xinlan Emily Hu, Rebecca Hinds, Melissa A. Valentine, Michael S. Bernstein

Juries Image

Can Online Juries Make Consistent, Repeatable Decisions?

CHI 2021
Xinlan Emily Hu, Mark E. Whiting, Michael S. Bernstein

Disarming Loaded Words Image

Disarming Loaded Words: Addressing Gender Bias in Political Reporting

C+J 2021
Irena Fischer-Hwang, Dylan Grosz, Xinlan Emily Hu, Anjini Karthik, Vivian Yang (equal contribution)


Smile and Nod Image

Smile and Nod: Few-Shot Detection of Social Influence-Based Disingenuity in Discussions

Xinlan Emily Hu, Michael J. Cooper, Makena Low (equal contribution)

ModBotHero6 Image

ModBotHero6: A Human-Centered Content Moderation Slackbot

Xinlan Emily Hu, Matthew Trost, Jonah Wu (equal contribution)

Zeal Image

Zeal: Motivating Online Petitioning by Browsing the News

Xinlan Emily Hu, Angela Luo, Logan Pearce (equal contribution)

Vitae Image

Vitae: Digital Hiring Halls for Online Crowd Workers

Ali Alkhatib, Gobi Dasu, Allison Chi, Jenny Han, Xinlan Emily Hu, Michael S. Bernstein

Other Academic Writings

Endangered Languages: Rescuing the World’s Invisible Libraries

Papers from My Time at the Oxford Internet Institute: The Political Dynamics of the Internet